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Rainmaker Summit

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The Rainmaker Summit is the Ultimate Breakthrough Experience for entrepreneurs and small business owners! When you attend this 2 & 1/2 day event you will be trained on how to launch, grow and build an even more successful business. The foundation of the program is based on what it takes to become a brilliant leader, have the best systems in the world and how to unleash quantum productivity in your life to accelerate your success. The Summit is a comprehensive program, designed specifically to help you create a clearly defined 24-Month Success Blueprint for your life and business. At Rainmaker you will also learn how to connect and do deals with some of the most successful entrepreneurs from around the world, monetize your passion and become 100% accountable to your success plan! Come and discover proven strategies and concepts that are specifically designed to assist your company in increasing your revenue and bottom line profits! If you are just getting started or already run a successful business and are serious about creating even more success, then you will love Rainmaker Summit Program. For more information & tickets visit

* 2-1/2 Day Breakthrough Experience
* 2 Year Success Plan
* Increased Productivity
* Money Making Website
* Acquiring Business Capital
* Professional Business Coaching
* Great Networking Opportunities
* Social Media Strategies
* Your 2 Minute Presentation
* Connect With Millionaires
* Business Marketing System
* Laser Focused Vision
* Get Super Organized
* Make More Money
* Have More Time
* Live Your Passion
* Access to Powerteam Resource Center
* Access to Global Rainmaker Community

A Blueprint For Success... Would you invest several hundred thousand dollars to build a house and then neglect paying for a blueprint? Your chances of ending up with anything usable would be slim to none! A project such as building a house or assembling a car requires a detailed plan crafted by experts with experience. Isn't your future and quality of life more important than any material posession, like a car or house? The fact is that the marketplace is constantly changing and solid proven plans are more essential then ever... especially in tough economic times!

...Or The School Of Hard Knocks? Many young people will spend over $150,000 of their parent's (or their own) money to attend a university or college for four or more years to get a good education so they can get a good job. However, many are working at that "good" job for a long time to pay off the loans for their education and many are finding out that those "good" jobs don't last or aren't what they had expected. After many years of toiling at a job just to pay the bills and try to squeeze out a moderate quality of life, many people are frustrated and feeling that they are missing out on the most important parts of life such as watching their children grow up and being there to share in the important experiences in life. But when it comes to investing a small fraction of that amount in their own education to finally achieve their dreams, many people are reluctant or don't think they can afford it. The truth is that colleges do not teach you how to develop residual income or how to connect with influential people so that you can add true value to their life and increase the quality of your own life. Many people feel stuck in their current circumstances and don't see a realistic method of ever breaking out of that cycle. A weekend at a Rainmaker Summit event can change that. It can help you connect with the right people and open up ideas to develop true residual income from businesses that will keep paying you even after you stop working. We can show you how you can use current technology to present your business in a first class manner and have a truly international business without a large investment. One of the most valuable benefits that you will receive from a weekend at the Rainmaker Summit is the connections and networking that will happen during that time. Unlike some seminars where the speakers come and go just for their presentations, at Rainmaker Summits, most speakers are there all weekend to assist you with your business ideas and plans. Also, this is not just a time for sitting passively and listening to different speeches. There are many interactive opportunities where you develop and practice your skills. This includes your 29 second "elevator" speech, making your "Why" movie, learning about accountability and management systems and exchanging ideas about what works in today's economy. Some long-term relationships have been formed at Rainmaker Summits that turned into profitable joint ventures. There is simply no experience that is better for launching or growing your business. Whether you have an online business, a brick or mortar business or no business at all, you need the skills and connections that are taught at the Rainmaker Summits.

These breakthrough events are hosted by Bill Walsh, who is the CEO and founder of Powerteam International, a business consulting and venture capital firm. He shares with his clients how to create and execute mega-successful winning plans! Bill will share with you how the power of success starts from the inside first. His ability to lock people into the message through engaging real life stories creates a very emotional connection to the deep rooted trainings that Bill will share! Bill has experienced so much in his own life and now he is helping others apply these principles to create success in their lives. Bill has always had a passion to learn and a quest for greatness. He attended Loyola University and with persistence and determination by the age of 21, while still attending college full-time, he was already a currency trader in Chicago and New York buying and selling millions of dollars in foreign currency on a daily basis. He moved from the trading currency to building/managing a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio throughout the midwest. He realized his true calling was business coaching & business development. He has continued a process of unending self-education which has distinguished him as an authority on empowering entrepreneurs to achieve greatness! His passion to learn and his daily method of operation of focus and coaching others has helped him to achieve greatness. Bill is considered to be one of the top venture capitalists and business coaches in the country! His current clients include people like Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and business leaders in countries from around the world. His fundamentals and consistent work ethic combined with his down to earth style makes him a keynote speaker for all types of audiences. In the video on the right, Bill explains the benefits of attending The Rainmaker Summit.



"Thank you again for all your advice and guidance. I'm using your direction to change my direction. I just want to tell you that your events are one of the greatest experiences that you can possibly attend as a business person, as an investor, as an entrepreneur. There are so many good ideas, so many valuable people here, so many insights, it's literally priceless. I've been here for 3 days, and I am going to gain millions of dollars worth of ideas, opportunities and contacts. So if you're thinking of attending Rainmaker, by all means run, don't walk!"

- Brian Tracy, author of "Million Dollar Habits" and "The Traits of Champions"


"If you really want to be an entrepreneur, you've gotta have a great inspiring entrepreneurial teacher who knows how to take low value and make it high value. And that's what Bill Walsh and the Powerteam can do. They show you how to write a business plan so that when you read it you wanna quit whatever it is you're doing and join this business. They show you how to write it so well that when money looks at it they'll say, 'Oh, I'm gonna pour money on that thing because that is gonna rock'".

- Mark Victor Hansen, author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and "One-Minute Millionaire"

Are you willing to make the moderate investment to improve your life and acquire the skills needed to truly be successful? When you surround yourself with successful people whose goal is your success, your life will be better! Besides Bill Walsh and the many different speakers, Powerteam has expert coaches to personally assist you with your plans. You will also be part of the Rainmaker Community with ongoing weekly teleseminars, webinars, coaching and other benefits that continue long after you return home. You simply cannot afford to NOT attend the next Rainmaker Summit. Following is a summary of of what you will receive! After that is a schedule of upcoming events. These events sell out quickly so it is best to get your reservation in even if you aren't exactly sure where and when you can attend.

If you were to purchase the same individual training programs, here's what you'd spend:

Business Analysis
Strategic Goalsetting
Capital Funding
Business Structure
Online Marketing System
E-book Builder
Newsletter Program
Blog Training
Sales Strategies
eCash Machine Website
Search Engine Training
Sales & Marketing Tips




When you add the cost of two tickets at $2,997 each plus the Successfolio for $997, the total value of the Rainmaker Summit weekend is over $15,000!

PLUS, you will receive your very own Successfolio Business System, which includes:

* A Success Planner
* Complete "Success By Design" Audio Training Series
* Business Website Builder
* Sales & Marketing Workbooks & Success Track

Overall, there is more than $15,000 in real value. To get a special value for a limited time, enter the code given to you at any Powerteam teleseminar or webinar in the box on the Order Form. You will receive a substantial discount from the listed price. The dates and times for our next scheduled events are listed below. Decide now to make a small investment for a life changing weekend... Decide today to make this most important investment in yourself!