Who is Powerteam…
Powerteam International is a high profile venture capital business consulting group. We are called upon by companies and organizations that require professional and knowledgeable experts. PTI offers the most innovative approach in venture funding and business growth consulting.

What is Powerteam…Powerteam has years of intuitive learning combined with the latest technology-based programs to be able to deliver the finest programs around the world. Powerteam International offers high quality training, education, coaching and consulting from some of the sharpest minds from several industries. PTI focuses on helping you create even more success through proven experience, leadership and vision.

Our new Consultant program will allow individuals from around the world to market and participate with Powerteam International in creating a global presence! Our vision is to become the largest business coaching organization in the world! Through our events and network, we will help millions of entrepreneurs and business owners create even more success!