Powerteam International is looking for serious leaders that are interested in hosting monthly entrepreneur clubs in cities around the world. The candidates we are looking for must enjoy promoting, organizing and speaking to small to medium sized groups. The program involves hosting a monthly business event in your city that combines networking, a success panel and an overview of the Powerteam programs including the Rainmaker Summit, Platinum Speaker Camp and our global mastermind, WIN.


Organize a monthly Entrepreneur Night event and quarterly Small Business Workshop in your city.

Secure 3-5 Event Sponsors @$250.00 each, create a local marketing committee, invite 3-5 Subject Matter Experts to be on the Success Panel and deliver a 60 Minute Rainmaker Presentation.

The Sponsors should be local companies that support Small Business. (UPS, USPS, Banks, Trust Companies, OfficeMax, Staples etc.)

Become a local Ambassador to the community for Powerteam International.

FEES: All Imperial club members are required to pay for the monthly meeting space and be active in the Powerteam EBC program. ($99 per year)

Imperial Club Call

This is an introduction and description of the Imperial Club by Bill Walsh


Build a local community of like-minded entrepreneurs that come together to help each other build even more success!

Earn a 25% commission on your Personally enrolled Rainmaker Summit Customers and earn a 10% RVP override on the Rainmaker sales of your Personally Enrolled Executive Business Consultants.

All active Executive Business Consultants have the opportunity to win great prizes.

Issued 25 Tickets per year to the Inspiration2020 Success conference that the Local Host can sell and keep the proceeds.

Ability to sell approved sponsorships and retain all of the money above the cost of the hotel for the local monthly event.

For additional information visit www.ipowerteam.com.

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