Win Events

The Wealth Inspiration Network (WIN) Mastermind is the brain trust of Bill Walsh – the Visionary CEO of Powerteam International. At the highest level it is the combination of three vital parts to create even more success in every area of your life!

WIN includes high level Personal Development and Business training from some of the Top inspirational and brilliant minds in the world. WIN members meet together twice a year in exotic locations.

To build something great, it takes monumental effort on all of those that are involved. The concept of the WIN Mastermind was very simple but highly complex as it developed. Assemble a group of really smart successful people that come together at locations over the course of a year to mastermind with each other, learn from industry experts, fund companies and start charities. At WIN Mastermind we are creating a culture of Success

Bill Walsh – America’s Business Expert

Karen Hoyos – Global Transformational Leader

Roberto Candeleria – Sponsorship Expert

Rey Perez – Branding Expert