Senior Vice Presidents

Senior Vice President – Milwaukee – Kevin Davenport

Kevin Davenport is a top expert and Business coach, who specializes in Leadership, Emotional Quotient, and how to achieve goals. Kevin is a Regional Vice President with Powerteam International, a Commercial Airline Pilot including six years as Captain with over 4000 hours of command time. He holds an FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Kevin has trained under top business experts Brian Tracy, Bill Walsh, Rick Frishman, and New York Times Best Selling Author Joel Comm. Kevin served as a Non Commissioned Officer in the Marine Corps and holds a Bachelor of Science in Management. Kevin is known as a no nonsense and engaging speaker with the ability to bring to life complex issues and visualize outcomes. His views on Leadership are fresh and insightful, humble and inclusive. His reflections on mission and purpose re-order our thinking as he discusses leadership and solving problems differently. Using vast experience learned in the military and in the airlines, combined with his understanding of history and human nature, he inspires others to reconsider their assessments of situation the way they perceive the information and challenging them to rethink their beliefs.

Senior Vice President – Dallas – Elliot Jolesch

Elliot spent over 30 years helping to resolve customers’ IT problems through technology development, implementation and operations management.

With that expertise, knowledge, and experience he started The ECJ Group, LLC to help individuals and businesses with developmental coaching and facilitation. Elliot’s experiences include his own entrepreneurial experiences and working with both small groups and large companies to find answers and resolve problems. Elliot has been involved with process improvement planning, establishing goals, and strategic planning for small and large organizations. In addition to over 30 years of experience, Elliot has an MBA in Management and a Masters of Management in Information Technology.

Senior Vice President – Washington DC – Rosemary McDowell

Rosemary McDowell is successful entrepreneur and business strategist with over 25 years experience in government and industry. Ms. McDowell’s experience includes over 15 years in the Federal government working with the leadership of the largest Fortune 500 companies all over the world allocating and approving over $4 billion annually. She broke the ground for women to work at those levels at the time.

She leveraged her experience into an award-winning business dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs achieve success! Her successes include increasing client revenues from 20% to 500% and generating $10 Billion in new revenues in the past 20 years.

Her role as a fearless visionary is to educate others to make a difference in this world. This begins with your vision of what you want; committing to that vision; and asking for what you want — not what you are willing to settle for!

She is a native of Washington DC and graduate of Georgetown University. She and her husband, Adric, live in Fairfax City, VA.

Senior Vice President – Atlanta – Chris Pettenon

Chris is a Business and Success coach with Powerteam International. He loves to work with and help empower small business owners to have even more success in their business. He has been a Real Estate broker
and landlord for 17 years. He was also a Stock and commodities trader for 20 years. He worked on exchange floor in Chicago for 15 of those years.

He is a very grateful father of two beautiful daughters and an exercise and nutrition expert. He is also a practicing martial artist.

Other Senior Vice Presidents include Julie Galloway from Salt Lake City, Joy Babcock from Boston, Barbara Bowman from New York, Gary Guwe of Singapore and Alan Lin from Los Angeles. Information for them will be added when it is available.