Mike Warren is an international business maverick whose contrarian strategies have helped his students generate tremendous growth and increase cash flow for their businesses. His students and clients come from a variety of different backgrounds but primarily are C-level executives and entrepreneurs. He specializes in getting cash for businesses and real estate as well as buying and selling companies across the world. Students from around the world are passionate to learn Mike’s proven strategies.

Mike speaks, trains and coaches both nationwide and internationally about real estate, hyper-business growth and credit. Mike’s presentation style has been described as edutainment; a mix of education and entertainment. Teaching through platform, teleseminar, webinar and video conferencing. He is the bestselling author of “How To Buy A Business Using Is Own Cash”, an indepth how-to book to get into the “business flipping” game.

Wealth trainer and investor. Specialties include:

  • 1. Building business lines of credit even if you have bad credit.
  • 2. Buying a Business Using The Businesses Own Cash.
  • 3. Making money with judgment liens & options.
  • 4. Tax Lien& Tax Deed investing.
  • 5. CXO level equity deal structuring and strategies.

Extensive nationwide public speaking experience related to online and offline networking, Social Media, Real Estate and personal development in front of groups from 100 to 1,500+